Damascus (Dimashq)

Damascus is believed to be the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world. It’s a beautiful city, with a lot to see. Personally, I keep wonder when did the first gay sexual experience take place in Damascus, & where.

Places to HUNT:
You could almost pick up guys everywhere; you just need to have a good gaydar. Anyway, here is a list of the most popular places in Damascus:
Shaalan Street
Hamra Street
Sebki Park
Monchieh Park; a small park behind the Four Seasons Hotel
Marjeh Square
Bab Toma (Thomas’ Gate)
Qassa’a Street
In front of Cham Palace Hotel
Places to have FUN:
There are four hammams in Damascus where you could play safely, but please always be careful.
Hammam Al-Jadeed, near Bab al-Jabieh, close to Souk Al-Hamidieh
Hammam Al-Kiemarieh, in the Old City
Hammam Al-Khanji
Hammam Amouneh
Places to go:
Aroma Café
Karnak Bar (Marjeh Sq)
Sheraton Hotel Pub
Massimo Pub, Cham Palace Hotel
Almost all the restaurants/coffee shops in Bab Toma are gay friendly
Madinat Al-Shabab (Youth City) swimming pool

Aleppo (Halab)

Places to CRUISE
Public Park Aleppo
Saadallah Square
Al-Shallalat Area
Dome Cafe (Coffee Shop near the Train Station)
Al-Mut’haf (The Museum) Park
Places to HAVE FUN
Al-Naeem Hammam (Turkish Bath)
Salheen Hammam (Turkish Bath)
Ghornata “Granada” Hammam
Places to meet/to go
Dome Cafe
Arica Cafe
Coffee shops in front of the castle


The beach would be a nice place to start. You could always check in Safwan Hotel, the most famous gay friendly hotel in the region.

Always remember; Parks are good to start your cruising experience in Syria, wherever you are; in any city. 30 minutes before sunset is always a good time to start cruising

Have a gay trip.