Hi All…

Mazaj is an Arabic word, it means MOOD.

 Now I’m in the mood of helping you know more about gay life in Syria.

Have a Gay Day.


12 Responses to “Mazaj”

  1. martin Says:

    Hi man,
    is it easy to live gay life in Syria for you? Have gay friends? What about your family?

  2. robin Says:

    hi how are you?

  3. husam Says:

    مرحبا كيفك انا من سورية ممكن نتعرف

    1. jad Says:

      انا جاد حابب اتعرف اكتر

  4. husam Says:

    مرحبا ممكن نتعرف

  5. jad Says:

    هاي انا جاد من سوريا حابب اتعرف ….انا من الشام

  6. alexgerman Says:

    hi all,
    will be in syria in march, i guss its not easy
    to find mentend g.. hammams in damascus und aleppo,
    how can i find?
    asking taxi driver?
    or hom?
    best regards alex

  7. eric Says:

    Finally gay people are meeting
    I love you all

  8. Amjad Says:

    Hi Mazaj,
    Would like to know please, is it true that Sadallah Square in Aleppo is one of the best places in the city to cruise men ?
    & What about the Shallallat area ? Where is that located ?
    Awaiting your reply,
    Best regards.

  9. Giovix67 Says:

    Hi Mazaji

    I am italian and I am planning to study arbaic language for a year in Damascus which appears to be the best place where to study together with its stubbibg historical and architecture heritage.
    I would very much intersted in sharing a room with somebody gay in order to enter your culture and language better and make friends.
    I sincerely hope you might help me out in my research.
    Thanks for the website and info about your country
    I s

  10. Brendan D'Arcy Says:

    Ya Mazaji,
    Ana ameriki va ireed an asafer ila asharq alwosad. D
    rasto al arabi wa el turki md hams sinawat. nqdr an ntaklam bill arabi kma ana araf bilfsf (fluently).

  11. teem Says:

    هاي انا حابيب اعرف اكتر عن هالموقع

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